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EPA Holds Cement Plant Hearings in Dallas

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

The Environmental Protection Agency took testimony Wednesday in Dallas on tough new cement plant standards. That's because nearby Midlothian has the most cement operations in the country. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more.

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck backs the new pollution rules in part because he's a doctor and says he sees the negative impact on his residents of lax pollution standars. He says dirty Midlothian air floats over and settles in Arlington.

Mayor Cluck: Every time we take a breath we're sucking stuff down in our lungs that can result in asthma, lung cancer, chronic pulmonary disease, really, really bad stuff.

But cement business representatives, including Jan Prusinski, with the state's Cement Council, says proposed EPA rules will force plants to close, costing jobs and money.

Jan Prusinski: Even if one of these plants closes, scores of community residents will lose their jobs and direct and indirect property and sales tax losses would significantly impact the area.

There's a 3rd and final hearing today in Washington DC. The EPA will consider all the comments, and finalize new pollution rules by year's end.

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