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City Council Runoff Elections

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – Voters decide "runoff races" for two Dallas City Council seats tomorrow.

The Oak Cliff "District 1" seat is being vacated by Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia because of term limits.

Dallas Park Board member Delia Jasso says she will focus on fundamental quality of life issues. Economic development consultant Justin Epker puts public safety at the top of his list.

Jasso: We have got to put our basics as a priority: # 1, our streets and sidewalks. Our sidewalks are falling into disrepair quickly; faster than we're fixing our streets.
Epker: The number one duty and obligation of the city is public safety. I also believe in order to maintain a good standard of living, to stabilize neighborhoods, and to foster economic development, you've got to feel safe.

Dallas incumbent Carolyn Davis is being challenged by Dallas School Board member Ron Price for the District 7 seat, South Dallas/Fair Park.

Davis says she knows her way around City Hall, and has brought important improvements to her district. Price says it's time for a new attitude at City Hall.

Davis: I'm extremely proud of the Baylor diabetes center that's coming to South Dallas. I'm proud of the Ferguson area getting its first library that's coming. And we'll continue to work with them on the Rec Center.
Price: And some of the politics of the Southern Sector of Dallas has really hurt the southern sector for many years. There has not been a progressive movement to really retool, revitalize and fix southern Dallas. And that's what I'm really going to try to do.

In Fort Worth, two political newcomers are vying for the District 3 seat that was held by the late Chuck Silcox. Eric Fox, an in-house lobbyist for Lockheed, leads retired consultant W.B. "Zim" Zimmerman heading into tomorrow's runoff.