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Dallas Republicans Want a Ballot Judge Removed

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – The Dallas County Republican Party wants a county ballot board judge removed. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more on Republican accusations that Chorsia Davis used white correction fluid, most commonly known as Wite-Out, on government documents against all rules.

From the start of the ballot count, Chorsia Davis angered Republicans by saying she was in charge of the process.

Davis: If there is any question about anything, ask me. I get the last vote on everything. I don't care how many people voted on it. It all comes to me, and I'm the one who signs off last.

Davis was involved in counting the ballots for the close District 105 race. That's where incumbent Republican Linda Harper-Brown retained her seat by 20 votes against Democrat Bob Romano. This afternoon, KERA and others examined provisional ballot affidavits which Davis oversaw. It's clear Wite-Out was used to accept ballots previously rejected. Earlier, Davis denied she used the correction fluid.

Davis: I followed the rules, I didn't white out any names.

Attorney Wade Emmert represents Linda Harper-Brown.

Emmert: Today we confirmed Miss Davis had been using Wite-Out on the provisional affidavits. She's instructed not to use Wite-Out on government documents and clearly she disregarded that instruction. It's inappropriate. Republicans will ask Dallas County Commissioners to replace Davis. We could not reach her for further comment.

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