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New Dallas County Court for Prostitution Cases Convenes

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – A new kind court is not convening weekly on the 7th Floor of the Dallas County courthouse. It will hear only PROSTITUTION cases.

The specialty court is modeled after the very successful DIVERT and Re-Entry courts for drug offenders championed by Dallas County Judge John Creuzot. Judge Lana Myers will preside over this new court, which will convene every Monday afternoon.

Myers: I hate to call it prostitution court, and that's why we aren't calling it that. We're calling it STAR Court, which stands for Strengthening, Transition and Recovery.

Judge Myers says each of the women chosen for the program will get substance abuse counseling, education programs, job counseling and referral, housing if necessary.

Myers: It's not only good for them to try to get them healthy, off the streets and into a different kind of work, but it also benefits the community.

Judge Myers says the new court will work closely with a Dallas Police program designed to help break the cycle of arrest and jail for prostitution.