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Texas Fire Marshall Has Video of Mansion Arsonist

By Judlylne Lilly, KERA reporter

Austin, TX – Lilly: State Fire Marshall Paul Maldanado says security video clearly shows what happened the night of the fire.

Maldanado, Fire Marshall : We have evidence on video of an individual lighting a material, throwing it, it lands on the porch of the governor's mansion and the fire spreads very rapidly.

Lilly: Maldanado says the search for the suspect continues but the on site investigation is closed. The next step is to start repairs. Gary Jaster is the Structural Engineer.

Gary Jaster, engineer: We've got a lot of work in front of us. Our primary concern right now in working on this since Sunday is to develop a shoring stabilization system so that we can render the building structurally sound.

Judlyne Lilly, KERA news in Austin