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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trainers will do almost anything for a rare find, including getting into a car and speeding around to catch them. And then they tweet about it. According to a study, there were over 113,000 social media messages in 10 days last July that showed people getting into potentially unsafe traffic situations while trying to catch cute virtual monsters.

Not everyone wandering around outside with their phones is searching for Pokémon. Some people are searching for real, rare wildlife.

For weeks now, hordes of the young and young-at-heart have been wandering the streets looking for Pokémon. Some have wandered onto private property, raising concerns about what is legal and illegal in the new world of augmented reality.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Pokémon Go is wildly popular and kind of dangerous; John Cornyn’s new legislation would make killing an officer a federal crime; the DMA has a new curator from Mexico; and more.