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Texas Vs. The Feds: A Look At The Lawsuits

Feb 16, 2015

During his time as attorney general, now-Gov. Greg Abbott made his lawsuits against the Obama administration — 31 in total — a point of pride. The attorney general’s office provided cost estimates for 29 of the cases, which totaled about $4.25 million.

So what did Texans get for their money?

Based on court rulings, Texas has definitively won five of those cases. In 10 cases, the courts ruled against the state. Nine cases are still pending, and the AG's office withdrew the remaining seven.

Use the menu to select and view Texas’ lawsuits against the federal government by category.  You will learn what the face-off is about, the total cost to the state and the standing of each lawsuit.

The Tribune looks at eight issues Abbott legally challenged: air quality, business regulation, climate change, education, health care, immigration, natural resources and voting. 

Explore the breakdown of the 31 lawsuits here