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Navigators Gear Up To Guide You Through Health Insurance Marketplace

Sep 30, 2013

Need help figuring out which health insurance plan on the marketplace is right for you? That’s where the Texas “navigators” come in. These in-person assistants will help thousands across North Texas sign up for health insurance. Meet Sandra Luz, one navigator leading a team in Dallas.

Luz has filled out thousands of Children’s Health Insurance Program applications. For ten years, she’s worked with the Community Council of Greater Dallas (CCGD) helping families access health benefits.

Now, it’s time to learn more.

“I know it’s a challenge,” she says, “But I’m so excited about it.”

The federal government gave Texas $11 million to hire and train navigators across the state. United Way of Tarrant County received the largest award, $5.8 million, and distributed the majority of that cash to CCGD to hire and train navigators.

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CCGD has so far hired almost ten people who will spread the word about the health insurance marketplace at community events and in one-on-one conversations.

Marjorie Petty, federal Health and Human Services director for Texas – says the navigators role will be to answer questions such as “What is a deductible, what is a copay, what does that mean for me?” she says.

“The navigator cannot tell the person which plan to pick," Petty emphasizes, “But they can educate and inform. “

With half a million people uninsured in Dallas alone, there will be no shortage of customers.

“It’s going to be busy, maybe very busy, but we’re ready,” navigator Sandra Luz says.

Want to find a navigator near you? 

Visit, or go here.

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