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Here's A Sneak Peek At The Interior Of The Houston-Dallas Bullet Train

Feb 21, 2020

Texas Central released new sketches depicting the interior of the proposed high-speed train that will run from Houston to Dallas. 

The train will feature 2x2 and 2x1 seating without middle seats, according to the company’s website. The rail cars will also have wide aisles, extra leg and seat room, reclining seats and no seatbelts to maximize comfort, according to Texas Central.   

Those extra wide aisles will be one of the features helping to make the train fully accessible and ADA approved for passengers with disabilities. The company says wheel and powerchairs will be able to easily navigate aisles and there will be conveniently-located seating for those with disabilities.

Texas Central says each seat on the bullet train will have nearly a foot of total added space compared to flying first-class.
Credit Texas Central

Still, the bullet train project faces significant legal and financial obstacles. Texas Central has faced legislative pushback, with opponents of the bullet train filing bills aimed to cripple or kill the project.

City dwellers have claimed the high-speed rail line would promote job growth and put Texas at the forefront of transportation innovation. However, some rural landowners have said the project would strip them of their private property. Eminent domain, the right of a government to take private property and convert into public use, is an ongoing controversy in discussions around the bullet train. 

The interior of the Japanese Shinkansen train, which the bullet train will be modeled after.
Credit Texas Central

The bullet train will be modeled after the N-700 S model of Shinkansen trains in Japan, according to a Texas Central spokesperson. She said the N-700 S is currently being tested in Japan and will be rolled out before the Tokyo Olympics. But, the model for the Houston-Dallas bullet train will be customized, with different upholstery and a wider design, among other technical features.

Once completed, train is expected to make the trip from Houston to Dallas in just 90 minutes and cost less than the price of a plane ticket.