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Bells Ring In Dallas For Newtown Victims

Dec 21, 2012

Dallas joined cities nationwide in ringing bells this morning at 8:30 in remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Twenty-six children and adults were killed in the shooting rampage a week ago today. 

In downtown Dallas, a single bell at Thanksgiving Square tolled 26 times as a few pedestrians stopped to mark the moment.

Brandon Troster and a friend stood quietly, facing the carillon as a strong wind whipped the slow, somber tone over downtown work-a-day traffic.

“Just to pay our respects. It’s a sad day,”  Troster explained before walking slowly away.

Governor Rick Perry had requested a moment of silence this morning to remember and honor those whose lives were lost.

“Though our hearts are heavy with sorrow, we find hope in the stories of courage and bravery that have emerged in the aftermath,” Perry said in the statement proclaiming the moment of silence. “Teachers placed themselves in harm’s way to shield the children in their classrooms. Administrators laid down their lives to protect their students. There is no greater love than the love they displayed on that day.”