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Where in North Texas: Bén Thành Plaza

The white concrete statue of Gen. Trần Hưng Đạo is seen with blue sky and white clouds behind.
Yfat Yossifor
Gen. Trần Hưng Đạo is a Vietnamese national and cultural icon.

"Where in North Texas?" is an occasional series highlighting unique facets of life in the North Texas area. First, we post a photo on our Instagram and Facebook, giving readers a chance to guess where in North Texas the image is taken. Then we give the answer in a story.

What is it? This impressive statue of the legendary Vietnamese military leader Gen. Trần Hưng Đạo greets visitors to Bén Thành Plaza in East Arlington. Indeed, anyone traveling east on State Highway 303, also known as Pioneer Parkway, is sure to notice the enormous white concrete and marble artwork.

Why is it here? Business owner David Dang opened Bén Thành Plaza in 2011 and erected the statue on Jan. 14, 2018. The shopping center that surrounds the statue is anchored by Bén Thành Central Market. Other businesses include restaurants, salons, beauty supply stores and cafes. Street sign toppers and one street nearby also honor the Vietnamese national icon.

Who is he? Trần Hưng Đạo was a military commander who saved Vietnam from the Mongolian invasion in the 13th century. He was a brilliant military tactician and a respected poet.