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Crash That Killed Former City Council Member Also Claims Her Daughter

Former Dallas City Council member Carolyn Davis should be remembered for her service to others, said former councilwoman Diane Ragsdale.

A wrong-way car crash that killed former Dallas City Council member Carolyn Davis has also claimed the life of Davis' daughter, 26-year-old Melissa Davis Nunn. Nunn died from injuries Tuesday.

The driver Jonathan Moore, 36, has four previous DWI charges spread over 15 years. He’s now booked in Dallas County Jail on two counts of intoxication manslaughter, among other charges. Dallas police say he was heading the wrong way when he slammed into Davis’ car.

Retired Dallas City Managers A.C. Gonzalez and Mary Suhm both remember councilwoman Davis as tough, determined and dedicated to improving the lives of her District 7 constituents.

"The Carolyn I worked with was just constantly working and sometimes fighting every day for her community," said Gonzalez.

Mary Suhm said of Davis, "She cared deeply about her district and the needs in her district, which of course were many and still are. It’s a challenging area to work in and she took it very seriously. I found her good to work with."

Davis was awaiting sentencing on a federal guilty plea of accepting more than $40,000 in bribes tied to getting a housing project approved.

Former Dallas City Council member Diane Ragsdale was a mentor for Davis.

"Most of her journey has been about service to others, and that is what needs to be remembered,” Ragsdale said.

Ragsdale says people should look at Davis’ whole life, not the flawed part of it.