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The Dallas Public Library Is Now Fine-Free


That's right, they're not looking for you and your overdue books anymore. 

The Dallas City Council amended an ordinance Wednesday that eliminates fees on overdue books. Previously, an overdue book cost 30 cents a day.

Now, Dallas Public Library card holders will have their accounts — almost half have fees attached — zeroed out over the next several weeks. 

"Our goal is to get you to bring the item back, we really don't want your 30 cents," Director of Libraries Jo Giudice said.

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Under the new policy, customers with overdue books will have their accounts flagged and they'll be charged with replacing the book. But, their accounts will be cleared once they bring the book back. 

Giudice hopes the policy means more people returning to the library. 

Dallas joins other muncipalities across the country that have waived fees, including San Diego and Denver. 

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