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More Than 300 Guns Were Found In Luggage At DFW And Love Field Last Year — Most Loaded

Transportation Security Administration
In 2017, travelers across the country brought a total of 3,957 firearms to the airport.

Nearly 4,000 guns were discovered in carry-on bags at security checkpoints in U.S. airports last year, the Transportation Security Administration reports.

In 2017, travelers across the country brought a total of 3,957 firearms to the airport, and 84 percent of them were loaded, according to TSA’s year in review published Monday.

Since 2005, the number of guns discovered in luggage has steadily increased. Between 2015 and 2016, the number jumped from 2,653 to 3,391 firearm discoveries.

Three Texas airports were among the top 10 with the most guns found last year:

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): 245 (222 loaded)
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW): 211 (165 loaded)
  3. George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston (IAH): 142 (124 loaded)
  4. Denver International (DEN): 118 (102 loaded)
  5. Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX): 115 (109 loaded)
  6. Tampa International (TPA): 97 (90 loaded)
  7. Orlando International Airport (MCO): 94 (82 loaded)
  8. Dallas Love Field (DAL): 93 (81 loaded)
  9. Nashville International (BNA): 89 (71 loaded)
  10. Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA): 75 (60 loaded)

Credit Transportation Security Administration

Strange things found in airport luggage in 2017

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