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Invisible Victims

Invisible Victims

The headlines don't tell the whole story. "Invisible Victims" is a KERA News project that focuses on gun-related deaths that often don't make the headlines.

The vast majority of gun-related deaths in North Texas — and throughout the United States — typically involve a single victim. But whether a loved one is killed in a mass shooting or in a solitary violent act, the anguish of families is no less real.

KERA's investigation documented the deadly toll from guns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where, in just three counties — Dallas, Collin and Tarrant — more than 400 men, women and children perished in gun-related incidents over just six months.

KERA's analysis found that gun-related homicides disproportionately affected communities of color. And the majority of all homicides and suicides were committed with a firearm. Guns are involved in most domestic violence deaths — and efforts to provide more protection often are blocked in the courtroom and by elected officials.

These stories are part of KERA News' ongoing coverage of gun violence.
The Invisible Victims series