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For Many, Fort Worth Stock Show Is A Family Tradition

There are four cattle barns, with about 2,500 to 3,000 livestock on the grounds at one time.

Cowboys and cowgirls in their boots and Stetsons are making their way to the 120th Fort Worth Stock Show. The 23-day event celebrates life on the ranch with poultry shows, horseback riding and rodeos, among many other attractions. Visitors say their annual visits to the stock show are less about the show itself and more about preserving family tradition. 

Monty Kemp, Fort Worth Stock Show Arena Director

"Well, this thing is legendary. I love interaction with the people and seeing the third generation of children. Their grandparents showed, their parents showed, and now the children are showing. It's just phenomenal."

Kara Marie Langford, Forney, Texas

"It's kind of a tradition for people around here. It's a big deal around our area where we come from. It's past down through our families, so it's a big honor to come and show here. I plan on giving my goat a good bath today."

Wesley Roberts, Springtown, Texas

"It's me and my daughter's tradition. We've been doing it since she was three, four years old.  We always like coming on Fridays before the parade. People don't know it's open, there's no crowds, people are setting up. It's just more relaxed. I've been coming for years; I grew up here. But now, I want to get my daughter into it, so I like to bring her and show the animals, the history, the learning, the cowboy history."

Emily Roberts, 13, Springtown, Texas

"I like seeing all the animals and riding all the rides. I like to see goats, and I want to show them."

Elizabeth Brady, Frisco, Texas

"I just think it's the whole 'city folk' thing and the people coming here to see the animals. You don't get to see them everyday. You may drive by, but you don't get close, and this way, you get to be close and see them and possibly touch them if you dare."

Clifford Buchanan, Owner of Diamond B Cattle Company, Decatur, Texas

"This is about our 53rd year to be here at the Stock Show. The Stock Show has the finest facilities in the world, cause I've been to all of them. Greatest show on dirt, right here."

The Stock Show runs through Feb. 6.