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This Adorable Video Shows Winspear The Cheetah Cub Is Feeling Much Better

Dallas Zoo/YouTube
Winspear played with his puppy companion Amani, some balls, and a stuffed cheetah.

Winspear, the Dallas Zoo’s cheetah cub, is on the mend after coming down with a respiratory illness.

Today, the zoo released a cute video of Winspear playing and hanging out with his puppy companion, Amani.

Winspear's brother, Kamau, died Tuesday from pneumonia. Kamau and Winspear became sick last week and were treated around the clock by veterinary staff. They tried to resuscitate Kamau.

This morning, Winspear and Amani rolled around and played tug-of-war with toys and chased each other around in a playroom in the zoo’s veterinary hospital.

“We're thrilled to tell you that Winspear is once again bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, recovering well,” the zoo said on its Facebook page.“In fact, he's eating so much that we may have to order a whole truckload of food just for him! And he's definitely got that ‘feeling-better-and-now-I'm-really-hyper’ pent-up energy that kids get after being sick.”

The zoo hasn’t determined when Winspear will be back at the zoo to visit guests. The cubs were born July 8. Kamau and Winspear were buds. Kamau loved to pounce on top of his brother. The cubs became fast friends with zoo visitors.

Here's the Dallas Zoo's video:

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