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Cute, Cuddly Cheetah Alert: Dallas Zoo’s Newest Cool Cats Make Their Debut

Dallas Zoo

Five stories that have North Texans talking: Adorable animals at the Dallas Zoo, give to your favorite nonprofit today, have you ever tried the McEverything, and more.

Cute cheetah alert: Kamau and Winspear, two 8-week-old cheetah cubs met their adoring fans for the first time Wednesday at the Dallas Zoo. We offered you a sneak peek of these cuddly cubs earlier this month. They have a furry friend at their side. Amani is a black Lab who will be raised with the cubs as a “calming playmate,” zoo officials say.  Starting Saturday, Kamau, Winspear and Amani will make brief appearances several times a day on the Wild Encounters Stage near the Wilds of Africa monorail entrance, The Dallas Morning News reports. Next year, the zoo plans to open a cheetah run to show off the world’s fastest land mammal.

  • Today is North Texas Giving Day: Today is a good day to donate to your favorite nonprofit. North Texas Giving Day hopes to beat last year’s record, breaking 37,800 donations that totaled $14.4 million. The event lasts until midnight. More than 1,000 certified nonprofits are eligible to receive money today -- they’re listed on Donations of $25 or more will get a certain percentage of more than $1.5 million in bonus funds. Full disclosure: KERA is among the groups that can receive donations.

  • Perry under attack in Maryland: Gov. Rick Perry visited Maryland on Wednesday, hoping to lure companies to Texas. One stop got him in some hot water – a visit to the Beretta USA gun factory not far from the site of the Washington Navy Yard shootings. The shooter used a Beretta gun during the rampage. A gun control group called Perry’s visit “callous,” saying he showed little sensitivity, The Dallas Morning News reported. Perry said that he supports the Second Amendment and that Beretta felt “not only underappreciated, they feel under attack.”

  • Seeking a solution in Mexico: Some women are crossing the border into Mexico for drugs that will terminate their pregnancies. But the pharmacies, which are typically unregulated, don’t always give proper instructions for the drug, the Texas Tribune reports. The drugs aren’t always effective, and experts fear the women won’t get proper medical care during their pregnancies. The Tribune interviewed a pharmacy worker in Mexico who sold one drug for $241.80 a box. “It sells. That’s the problem,” he said. “But I won’t tell them how to take it. I just say, ‘You might have problems later.’ ”

  • Ever tried the McEverything?: A guy named Nick recently visited a McDonald’s in Wisconsin and ordered every breakfast and lunch sandwich on the menu. Then he took the 43 sandwiches and piled them up on top of each other to make … the McEverything. It cost the man $141.33, including a Diet Coke. Since Nick wanted to include both breakfast and lunch sandwiches, he arrived at McDonald’s 30 minutes before breakfast service ended. Nick wrote on “The way I see it though is that with all the leftovers I have I’ve got all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners covered for the next week or so!”
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