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Just How Much More Will That Commute Cost?

Jul 1, 2013

You’re paying more to drive on the North Texas toll roads.  Rates went up nearly a penny a mile today to 16.2 cents, or about 5.5 percent. Here's a look at exactly how much drivers will pay on four key commutes. 

Michael Rey with the North Texas Tollway Authority says the rate hike is part of the policy to raise rates five to six percent every other year.   

“For somebody who uses the toll roads for $40 a month, which I think is pretty representative, you’re talking about an extra $2.50 per month," Rey explained.

But, the higher rates will add up.  The NTTA's trip calculator allows commuters to figure out their new toll road budget.   Here are some examples of round-trip fares:

Dallas North Tollway (McKinney to downtown Dallas)

  • Toll tag: $9.78
  • Zip Cash: $14.68

President George Bush Turnpike (Central Expressway to Belt Line in Las Colinas)

  • Toll tag: $7.44
  • Zip Cash: $11.18

Sam Rayburn Tollway (I-35E to Central Expressway)

  • Toll tag: $7.58
  • Zip Cash: $9.88

Bush Turnpike And Tollway (Bush in Garland to Tollway and downtown Dallas)

  • Toll tag: $9.44
  • Zip Cash: $14.18

NTTA officials say the increase helps pay for operations and maintenance, as well as assures bondholders that the NTTA is able to meet its financial commitments.