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Bush Center Uses Technology To Draw You In

Apr 24, 2013

Almost three years after groundbreaking, and a few hundred million dollars later, the George W. Bush Presidential Center is finally complete. It’s full of artifacts – such as gifts from foreign leaders, Bush’s cowboy boots and baseball collection -- but the main attractions are interactive and high-tech.

High Tech Highlights Of The Museum:

  • Freedom Hall: The main entrance to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Freedom Hall features a 20-foot high, 360 degree screen that shows time-lapse videos and other images. The presentation is seven minutes long and will be updated regularly.
  • Decision Points Theater: This is where you get to decide how to handle the crises that defined Bush’s presidency. Two dozen touch screen terminals form a semi-circle around a large screen. One of Bush’s former chiefs of staff appears, and guides you through a scenario: Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq invasion, the troop surge in Iraq or the economic crisis. You have four minutes to take in the information, consult advisors, and then make a decision on how to handle the event. At the end, former President Bush explains what decision he took and why.
  • Defending Freedom Interactive Table: an interactive glass-top table makes it easy for you to pull up photos, documents and maps to learn about the invasion of Iraq and focus in on specific battles.