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Today, we’re going to eavesdrop on a conversation between two people in Marfa, TX. It’s part of a new StoryCorps initiative called One Small Step (OSS) that brings together people on opposite sides of the political divide. Through StoryCorps conversations, the OSS Initiative seeks to remind people across the political and cultural divide of our shared humanity.

The day Martin Luther King Jr. gave his landmark "I Have a Dream" speech in August 1963, a lesser known moment in civil rights history was unfolding in southern Georgia.

More than a dozen African-American girls, ages 12 to 15, were being held in a small, Civil War-era stockade set up by law enforcement in Leesburg, Ga., as a makeshift jail.

With enough divisive topics to go around the Thanksgiving table this year, dinner debates can easily steal our attention away from loved ones. StoryCorps suggests using its app to have a meaningful, one-on-one conversation, as part of its Great Thanksgiving Listen project, where kids interview their elders about their lives. But anyone with a smartphone can participate.

Dr. Joseph Linsk grew up on Atlantic Avenue in the uptown section of Atlantic City, N.J., in the early 1930s. It's an area where he's spent most of his life and where he practiced medicine starting in the 1940s, specializing in cancer and blood diseases.

Now 94 years old, the former hematologist and oncologist is failing in health, as he battles Parkinson's disease. This grave illness, however, is only one part of a perennial struggle Linsk faces. For more than 80 years, he has kept a secret. And it's one about which we're kindly requesting your help.

His is not just a gentle voice; for many people, it's a very familiar one, too. For 25 years, Francois Clemmons played a role on the beloved children's program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Clemmons joined the cast of the show in 1968, becoming the first African-American to have a recurring role on a kids TV series.

And, as it happens, it was Clemmons' voice that Fred Rogers noticed, too, when he heard Clemmons singing in church.

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This holiday weekend, high school kids across the country will be bringing their phones to family dinners. Not just to text their friends, though – they’ll be interviewing family members, StoryCorps-style. It’s a project called “The Great Thanksgiving Listen,” and it’s being done through the free StoryCorps app. One North Texas class lining up its questions.  

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This month, it's been 40 years since the Vietnam War ended with the fall of Saigon. We hear from North Texans who fought, the families left behind, and the legacies they've created at home. 

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The StoryCorps MobileBooth is in Dallas, and for the next few weeks, we’ll hear some of the stories being shared by North Texans. Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez recently stopped by the booth.

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The StoryCorps MobileBooth is back in North Texas after seven years.  

The non-profit oral history project opened its shiny 26-foot Airstream trailer to visitors Thursday.    


Five stories that have North Texas talking: New procedures will reduce emissions coming from North Texas airports, StoryCorps is open for business in Dallas, the Ewings are officially finished (again), and more.

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It's hard to miss the StoryCorps MobileBooth in Sammons Park at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas. 

The 26-foot aluminum Airstream trailer, wheelchair accessible, is the non-profit's traveling recording studio. 

Teens Get An Earful During Interviews With Mom And Dad

Nov 17, 2014
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A few students at Polytechnic High School in Fort Worth and at Dubiski Career High in Grand Prairie had their own version of the StoryCorps oral history project. They were assigned to interview a family member. The students learned more than they expected when they pressed "record."