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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

U.S. Air Force / Flickr

Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth factory has already added 1,800 workers in the past year. And on Monday, the aerospace giant held a hiring fair to add 400 more workers to its Fort Worth workforce.

The Maryland-based defense company needs the labor as it ramps up production of the F-35, its next-generation stealth fighter jet.

ProPublica writer Theodoric Meyer says the Joint Strike Fighter being built in Fort Worth is by far the most expensive military project underway, but is unlikely to be wacked hard by sequestration cuts. In a February briefing on sequestration, the White House singled out the Joint Strike Fighter saying the Navy would “reduce procurement” of the plane. Lockheed, with some 17,000 employees in Fort Worth, told KERA: “Until sequestration is permanently eliminated, there will be an overhang on our industry that stifles investment in plants, equipment, people, and future research and development.”

David Woo / Associated Press

During last night’s KERA debate, Democrats running for Congress in District 33 disagreed over Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Air Force jet. It’s built in Fort Worth by thousands of workers. State Representative Marc Veasey from Fort Worth favors the fighter. Former Dallas State Representative Domingo Garcia has concerns.