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Panel Dismisses Complaint Against Rawlings

May 11, 2012

A Dallas Ethics Commission panel has dismissed a complaint filed against Mayor Mike Rawlings for his endorsement of school board candidates. 

Damarcus Offord, a candidate for Dallas ISD school board, claimed the mayor's endorsements were illegal. The panel concluded Rawlings deliberately drew the distinction that he was making the endorsements as a private citizen, and the evidence provided was not sufficient to determine if the prestige or influence of the mayor's office was intentionally abused. 

The panel also noted a provision in the city's ethics code does allow City Council members to use their names and titles in political endorsements.

One panelist observed they were "not making any statement on what the code should say," but what it does say.

Offord says he is not surprised the decision cleared the mayor. Offord says he still believes you can't be the mayor one hour and not be mayor the next. He says he'll look for other legal ways to pursue the complaint, maybe a lawsuit.