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Dewhurst Endorsed By James, Plans to Debate

Jun 1, 2012

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate David Dewhurst says he plans on accepting KERA’s invitation to debate opponent Ted Cruz at KERA’s Dallas studios.

Dewhurst called for numerous debates during a stop in Dallas where he was endorsed by former primary opponent Craig James as Shelley Kofler reports.

As he endorsed David Dewhurst, Craig James struck key themes Dewhurst will emphasize as he goes one-on-one with attorney Ted Cruz.

James: David Dewhurst knows what it’s like to run a business. He’s a successful businessman. This country needs business experience in Washington D.C.

Lt. Governor Dewhurst the businessman and public servant versus Cruz the attorney with support from Beltway insiders. That’s how Dewhurst framed the contest.

Dewhurst: This election as Craig said is going to be a classic contrast, a choice for the voters of Texas, between a slick lawyer, funded and beholden to Washington special interests and a lifelong, conservative Texas businessman.

At his election party Tuesday Cruz described the match-up differently. It’s Dewhurst the establishment moderate versus Cruz the Tea Party Constitutionalist.

Cruz: This race is ground zero in the battle between the moderate establishment and the conservative Tea Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country.

Cruz has challenged Dewhurst to five debates in the nine weeks before the July 31 runoff election. Cruz blasted Dewhurst for skipping debates before the primary.

But Dewhurst is now saying, bring ‘em on.

Dewhurst: Why only five? I said I’ll be there for as many debates as we have TV stations to sponsor it and carry it.

So does that mean Dewhurst is accepting KERA’s June 21 debate invitation?

Dewhurst: I’m sure we will.

KERA has proposed an hour-long, televised debate that would be broadcast statewide to all Texas media and simulcast in Spanish.