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What You Should Know About Donald Trump And His Dallas Campaign Rally

If you end up stuck in traffic near American Airlines Center later today, you can blame Donald Trump. The billionaire-turned-reality-TV-star-turned-Republican-presidential-candidate is expected to draw huge crowds to his 6 p.m. rally in Dallas.

Tickets are gone

The 20,000 free tickets for the event are all gone. But if you’re ticketless and don’t mind shelling out some cash, you can still find hundreds of tickets online. Tickets on eBay and SeatGeek are ranging anywhere from $10 to $150.

Update: Read a recap of his Monday night speech -- and why folks support and oppose him -- here.

Watch the rally live here:

Strong support

Trump’s bombastic populism and aggressive anti-immigrant stance has earned him equally fierce support and opposition.

NPR reports on why Trump is the choice of the religious right: "When Donald Trump stepped to the podium in a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama, filled with 30,000 people there to hear him spread the gospel of Trump, he was overcome.  'Now I know how the great Billy Graham felt,' Trump said last month. ... His blunt talk against a broken political system in a country rank-and-file evangelicals believe is veering away from its traditional cultural roots is connecting. He pledges to 'Make America Great Again,' a positive spin on the similar Tea Party refrain of 'Take Our Country Back.' That redeeming message — and his tough talk on immigration, foreign policy and the Republican establishment — is quite literally trumping traditional evangelical concerns about a candidate's morality or religious beliefs."

Strong opposition, too 

An anti-Trump rally that activists are calling a march against hate is being organized by the League of United Latin American Citizens and other community groups. They estimate as many as 1,500 protestors outside American Airlines Center.

WFAA-TV reports: "Dubbed 'Dump the Trump,' the North Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens says the protest will begin at 5 p.m. at the Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe on Ross Avenue in downtown Dallas. The demonstration will include a march to the American Airlines Center."

Diverse crowd expected

The Dallas Morning News reports: “Even in Texas, where favorite son Ted Cruz is expected to be a tough competitor for the bulk of the state’s delegates, Trump is culling together a following. And it’s not just Republicans he’s attracting. Political observers expect Monday’s crowd will contain hard-right conservatives, moderates, independents, some Democrats and even folks from the Green Party.” 

What they're saying on Twitter

The scene outside American Airlines Center


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