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Thanksgiving dinner means table scraps for our pets, but what’s safe for them to eat?

Houston Public Media
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Once again, Houston Matters goes to the dogs...and cats, as we welcome your questions about the care and feeding of your canine and feline friends, for veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller from the Meyerland Animal Clinic and Texas A&M University.

During this month's visit, Dr. Teller shares advice for listeners to keep in mind for the Thanksgiving holiday, such as which foods should and shouldn't be given to our dogs and cats, particularly in the form of table scraps.

We also learn how to tell if our pets are experiencing some degree of anxiety from the extra people and activity in the house during Thanksgiving, as well as how to prepare for the arrival of any guests who might have pet allergies.

In the audio above, Dr. Teller also answers questions such as why cats will suddenly nip at their owners, explanations for why dogs will sometimes shiver, and whether owners should feel guilty for not giving their pets better – but more expensive – pet food.

Plus, Dr. Teller shares what she knows about a mysterious canine respiratory infection that's happening in parts of the country.

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