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Dallas Hopes To Fight Gentrification Through Preservation Grants

This blue and white West Dallas home was captured in 2018. There's a metal fence out front that reads, "We're Staying."
Allison V. Smith
KERA News special contributor
This West Dallas home is the sort of property that could be eligible for up to $10,000 to use on home repairs.

A new city-run initiative called the Targeted Rehab Program is trying to preserve and maintain old homes in some of Dallas’ culturally-significant neighborhoods, like West Dallas and the Tenth Street Historic District.

The program provides up to $10,000 to homeowners who have home improvement needs but are financially unable to address them. The city hopes that they’ll be able to provide funds for repairs to about 200 homes. And they’ve partnered with several community groups and nonprofits to get the word out about this plan.

James Armstrong leads one of those groups. He’s the CEO of Builders of Hope Community Development Corporation, a non-profit working to bring affordable housing to West Dallas. He said the Targeted Rehab Program is a “blessing,” because the money can help struggling families stay in neighborhoods threatened by gentrification.

“I would say the number one way to fight gentrification is the preservation of existing affordable housing units,” he said. “Homes that have had maybe violations from code compliance, homes that need exterior work done, and [homes] that need up to $10,000’s worth of work are eligible to receive these forgivable grants.”

Homeowners can apply for these forgivable city-funded grants now through Jan. 29. But Armstrong warns that applicants’ income must be “at or below 80% of the area family median income” in order to be considered. Still, he encourages all homeowners in West Dallas and the Tenth Street Historic District apply who need “minor repairs done on their home."

Applications are available at the locations below or online here.

Tenth Street Historic Targeted Rehab Program Application Pick-Up & Drop-Off Location

Eloise Lundy Recreation Center
1229 Reverend CBT Smith St.
Dallas, TX 75203

West Dallas Targeted Rehab Program Application Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations

Builders of Hope
2215 Canada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75212

Voice of Hope
4120 Gentry Drive
Dallas, TX 75212

Westley Rankin Community Center
3100 Crossman Ave.
Dallas, TX 75212

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand
3906 N Westmoreland Rd
Dallas, TX 75212

Dallas West Church of Christ
3510 N Hampton Rd
Dallas, TX 75212

Dallas West Branch Library
2332 Singleton Blvd
Dallas, TX 75212

Ledbetter Eagle Fold Community Food Pantry
5227 Nomas Str.
Dallas, TX 75212

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Hady Mawajdeh has been a reporter, producer, and digital editor at KERA since 2016. He is the creator and the co-host of KERA's first narrative podcast, Gun Play. And prior to his work in engagement, he also reported on arts and culture, social justice, and gun rights for the newsroom.