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Wary Florida Readies For Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian could strike Florida at a Category 3 storm.

People in Florida are starting to get ready for a possible Labor Day strike from Hurricane Dorian, which forecasters say could grow into a Category 3 storm.

Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted Wednesday that: "All Floridians on the East Coast should have 7 days of supplies, prepare their homes & follow the track closely."

County governments along Florida's east-central coast have begun distributing sandbags, while many residents are rushing to warehouse retailers to load up on water, canned food and emergency supplies.

The prospect of Dorian already is dinging the region's tourism. The head of Volusa County's Lodging and Hospitality Association says hotel reservations there went from three-quarter capacity down to half through cancellations.

Disney plans to open its long-anticipated Star Wars Land on Thursday and that had been expected to drive attendance over the three-day weekend. There's no word yet on any possible closure.