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North Texas Hospitals Creating Jobs At Fast Pace

Justin Turveen

Last year North Texas hospitals created more than 265,000 jobs and pumped more than 14 billion dollars into the economy. That’s according to a new report from the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council.

The report, conducted every few years, shows an increase of nearly 30,000 jobs and 2.2 billion dollars from 2010.

Steve Love, president of the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council, says hospitals serve as economic engines in their communities:

“Sometimes people forget that hospitals are large employers,” Love says. “And hospitals do more than just care for people when they’re sick. They help support the community and the infrastructure of the community.”

Love says the growth in employment shown in this study is not tied to the Affordable Care Act because the lion’s share of that law is yet to take effect.

“As we go forward, it will be interesting to use this as a baseline to evaluate subsequent economic impact studies that we conduct,” Love says.