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Video: President Obama Details Plans To Combat Gun Violence

White House/YouTube
Obama plans to detail the moves to combat gun violence on Tuesday with a statement in the White House East Room.

President Barack Obama says that contrary to the claims of some GOP presidential candidates, he's not plotting to take away everyone's guns.

Speaking in the East Room at the White House, Obama defended his executive actions to tighten criminal background checks.

The president said Tuesday his actions are consistent with the constitutional right to right to bear arms. The president noted that he taught constitutional law, and added: "I know a little about this."

Obama said some constraints on freedom are necessary to protect innocent people. He notes that the right to free speech also comes with the limitation that you can't yell "fire" in a theater.


The president today unveiled a more sweeping definition of gun dealers, to include people at gun shows, websites and flea markets.


Those sellers often skirt the background check requirement by not registering as a licensed dealer.


The Associated Press provided this story. 


Watch the video of President Obama's statement on gun violence: