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Proposition 2 & 8: Water Resources

Mike Bitzenhofer (cc)

By BJ Austin

Dallas TX – Two state constitutional amendments on the ballot next month deal with water, and how Texas can ensure there's enough of it as the population grows.

Amendment 8 encourages conservation by offering a property tax break to landowners who practice conservation techniques.

The Texas Sierra Club is backing Proposition 8. Jennifer Walker is the water resources specialist with the Lone Star Chapter.

Walker: The people in Texas who own private lands that are managing them well are actually part of the solution to protecting our water supplies in the future. And so this is an incentive for people to manage their lands that encourages water conservation and water stewardship.

The Sierra Club is not taking a position on Proposition Two. It would increase the bonding capacity of the Texas Water Development Board. It helps local communities fund water supply projects with low-interest bonds.