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Argyle ISD weighs options for teacher pay raises

Argyle ISD
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Argyle ISD


An earlier version of this story inaccurately reported a budget deficit. Argyle ISD reduced its deficit after months of budget reduction strategies.
The Argyle ISD school board will consider three options regarding staff pay raises as the district heads into the next school year. The board will vote on a plan on June 17.

Like many of its neighboring districts, Argyle ISD faces surging expenses and needs as enrollment continues growing. Two bond packages failed at the polls last month, and the district reports a budget shortfall of $400,000. The district reduced a larger deficit through a series of budget workshops.

Deputy Superintendent Chris Daniel said the district is still grappling with inflation, which has been compounded by a 9% to 10% increase in insurance costs.

Because the Texas Legislature didn’t increase the per-student allotment to school districts, North Texas districts are considering voter-approved tax ratification elections to ask taxpayers for more funding. Argyle ISD will consider putting a measure on the local ballot, though it can also dip into the district’s fund balance.

When the 89th Texas Legislature convenes in January, school leaders across the state will urge lawmakers to increase the state’s student allotment. Pleas for more funding failed in 2023, with lawmakers gridlocked over school vouchers.

The board will decide between three options:

  • a plan that includes no additional funds for staff raises;
  • a plan with a percent of midpoint increase, and
  • a plan with a one-time payment.

During 2023-24, first-year teachers in Argyle ISD made $59,500, putting them a littler higher than Denton ISD’s pay at $59,340, but further behind Coppell ISD’s $61,150. Fifth-year teachers in Argyle made $61,100, putting them nearly neck and neck with Denton ISD, which paid its fifth-year teachers $61,079. Coppell ISD paid fifth-year teachers $63,650.

Teachers with 10 years of experience in Argyle ISD made $63,075, a step that puts them behind Denton ISD, which paid $63,510. Coppell ISD paid $67,955. Argyle teachers who started their 15th year last school year made $64,670, trailing Denton ISD teachers with the same experience and $65,776 a year. Coppell teachers made $69,564 in 2023-24.

Argyle is in the top 10 among North Texas school districts it studied when it comes to pay for bus drivers, offering $20.50 an hour. Northwest ISD and Denton ISD paid the most, offering $23 an hour.

If the school board approves the second compensation option — a percent of midpoint increase — it will cost the district between $500,000 and $1.6 million, depending on the percentage increase.

The third option — one-time payments — would cost the district between $500,000 and $700,000, depending on the amount of the one-time increase and the status of the employee category.