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DeSoto ISD Reinstates Superintendent

Photo of screen showing DeSoto ISD virtual board m where D'Andre Weaver was reinstated as superintendent.
Bill Zeeble
DeSoto superintendent D'Andre Weaver and state-appointed conservator A.J. Crabill both joined the board for Sunday's virtual meeting where Weaver was reinstated.

With school due to resume Tuesday, there's been yet another turnover in leadership for the DeSoto school district.

Interim Superintendent Don Hooper has resigned after several days of protests over controversial social media posts. During a special meeting Sunday, it was announced that Hooper would no longer work for the district.

The school board also unanimously rescinded the voluntary resignation D’Andre Weaver submitted last week.

Weaver sounded happy to be back as superintendent.

“I am more committed today than I have ever been in this district in the last two years.” he said. “I think the work we have in front of us to do together is so much bigger than just merely educating students.”

A state-appointed conservator, A.J. Crabill, a former Texas Education Agency deputy commissioner of education for governance, will make sure Weaver and the board fulfill their roles.

Crabill took control of the board meeting halfway through. He'll help the troubled district fix financial and academic problems.

“I have an increased feeling that I’m able to step back and remain in the role of coach rather than be more assertive and step into a role of conservator,” he said. “That is the place that I would rather be.”

Crabill got board members to admit they had lost trust in each other. He then got each of them to promise to change their ways.

If board members break their promises, Crabill has authority to exercise much greater control over the district.

Bill Zeeble has been a full-time reporter at KERA since 1992, covering everything from medicine to the Mavericks and education to environmental issues.