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What Will School Look Like This Fall? Fort Worth ISD Offers Some Answers

Fort Worth ISD staff conducting a town hall meeting on Zoom.
Bill Zeeble
Fort Worth ISD staff conducting a town hall meeting on Zoom.

Because of COVID-19, the entire world of teaching moved from the classroom to the computer, usually at home — and that hasn’t always worked out so well.

Fort Worth ISD discussed solutions to the challenges of virtual learning at a Zoom town hall meeting recently.

Fort Worth middle school teacher Vanessa Adia spoke for many teachers recently when she sought solutions for online learning failures during a digital town hall meeting.

“We have noticed the digital divide is also a racial divide,” Adia said. “We’ve got a spike in cases right now. We probably anticipate closing at some point during the year. I want to know that our community of color, our kids of color, that we’re reaching out in a better way based on what we learned in the spring.”   

Superintendent Kent Scribner said the district’s considering an early return to school for some students in the district’s hardest hit regions of digital problems.

“The plan is to provide a jumpstart instructional program in those students with the greatest need,” Scribner said. “In the Dunbar and  O.D. Wyatt pyramids…the Eastern Hills pyramids.  Whereby students would be coming back 3 weeks early, last weekend in July, first two weeks in August, ramping up ‘till the first day of school August 17th.”

That plan still needs details and an ok by the state.

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