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Report From Children's Health Details State Of Poverty, Education Among North Texas Kids

Juan Paulido
Children's Health
The expert panel, with emcee John McCaa, talks about the latest Beyond ABC report looking at children, health, safety and education in North Texas.

One in five North Texas children lives in poverty, according to a report released Tuesday from Children’s Health. 

The "Beyond ABC" report looks at health, safety, economic security and education across six North Texas counties: Dallas, Collin, Denton, Cooke, Grayson, and Fannin.

Poverty takes a toll on the health and education of kids; so does segregation. Mike Koprowski, the director of the nonprofit Opportunity Dallas, said the problem’s magnified in Dallas. 

“Half of the city houses almost all of the poor children. So instead of dispersing poverty, which we know actually helps kids climb out of poverty, we have concentrated poverty very deeply in certain parts of town,” Koprowski said. 

Koprowski said Dallas is one of the most segregated cities by race and income in the country, which affects education.

Keeping kids healthy is also necessary for them to learn, Stormee Williams said. She oversees the Children’s Health telemedicine program in schools, which can help keep kids healthy at a low cost.

“What technology can do is reach children and reach others where they are,” Williams said. “When I started this in 2013, I said 'telemedicine?' Wow, that sounds like The Jetsons.' Isn’t that what Elroy...when he got sick the doctor showed up on the screen?  That’s exactly where we are today.”

The report found some promising statistics in the six counties. One example: The region’s immunization rate of 94 to 97 percent is on par with the state. Explore more in the report below.

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