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Class of '17 Yearbook Project

As part of its American Graduate initiative, KERA is looking for a North Texas high school media class to become a partner on a project called the Class of ’17 Yearbook. The idea is for the students in the class to team with teachers and KERA journalists to write posts on the KERA education blog, record and edit audio and video, and create social media streams with student-generated content.

KERA journalists will visit the class regularly to work with the students on audio, video and writing techniques. The teacher will serve as editor on the project; KERA staff will review all posts, audio, video and social media entries before publication or airing. Ideally, the class will be 9th graders (or have a significant number of 9th graders), so the students, like the kids we’re following in the Class of ’17 series, can be part of the project all the way through high school graduation. Contact us at if your class is interested in participating.


See the KERA Project here.