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Study Up For ‘Think’: Recovery For High School Dropouts


Dropout prevention programs focus on keeping students in school, but what about the ones who have already left? 

That’s where dropout recovery programs come in. Dropout prevention efforts can start as early as middle school, KERA’s Bill Zeeble reported last year. But recovery programs seek to give the students who do drop out another chance.

What are the challenges facing these programs and their students? How do you re-engage students to finish high school on a second go? ‘Think’ host Krys Boyd will speak with Bronson Lewis, associate principal at the Lewisville Learning Center's Night School, and Kathy Goad, who works with DeSoto's WINGS dropout recovery program, at noon.

One of Lewis' students, Scottie Gipson, bounced back from a childhood disrupted by his dad's time in prison and his own stints selling drugs. The former dropout plans to graduate in December, go to UNT and start his own company. Watch him explain this change of heart to 'Think' host Krys Boyd in our Students Speak Out special.

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