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Quin Mathews’ Art Memories On Frame Of Mind

"Made in Texas” are three of the most persuasive and dynamic words in the vast vocabulary of the Lone Star State. They’re so important that the state has created amarketingcampaign encouraging people to “">Go Texan.” Want delicious produce? Go Texan. Looking for new boots? You get the idea. 

Well, KERA’s Art&Seek and the Video Association of Dallas are Texas proud, too. Especially when it comes to film and video. The series “Frame of Mind” on KERA TV features phenomenal homegrown documentaries, films and video shorts. These independent films showcase diverse styles, genres and stories that are uniquely Texan.

Did you miss “Frame of Mind” last fall? No worries. We are rebroadcasting the 2015 season starting Thursday. And we’re hard at work on the next season, which will start in the fall.  

The rebroadcasts kick off with “Art – A Personal Journey With Quin Mathews.” Mathews is a filmmaker and journalist and over his decades-long career, he’s filmed and interviewed more than a thousand visual artists and musicians for radio and television.  In this program, Mathews takes us to Cuba, China, Dallas, Latvia, France and elsewhere sharing segments from some of his favorite documentary projects and introducing us to artists and the meaning behind their work.

Catch “Art – A Personal Journey with Quin Mathews” on “Frame of Mind” Thursday at 10p.m. on KERA TV.

If you want to learn more about Mathews' follow this Art&Seek link for more information.