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Rep. Castro Expects More Key Trump Operatives To Be Criminally Charged Following Cohen Testimony

Ryan Poppe
TPR News

The United States House Permanant Select-Committee on Intelligence heard closed-door testimony Thursday from President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen. 

Congressman Joaquin Castro, a San Antonio Democrat, said the American people can expect to see more criminal charges for key operatives in the Trump campaign based on testimony they received.

“And even today in Michael Cohen’s testimony, I have heard things that make me believe that there will more charges for people who are associated with President Trump, things that have not been publicly discussed yet," Castro said.

Castro said the committee’s questions mostly centered on three things: whether anyone from the Trump campaign colluded with foreign Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election, the president’s involvement in the firing of former FBI-director James Comey, and whether the president engaged in a fraud and money laundering scheme to conceal damaging information. 

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