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What Can The Holocaust Teach Us About Resistance?

A series of events this month seeks to educate the public on the lasting and localized impact of the Holocaust, by exploring the experience of survivors during the war and after liberation.

2019 Holocaust remembrance in San Antonio will focus on the spiritual, armed, intellectual, defensive and political forms of resistance under the Nazi regime.

The  global tragedy was instigated by the Nazis during World War II and led to the genocide of 6 million Europeans of Jewish descent, and the persecution of millions of others, including Slavs, ethnic Poles, Romani people, mentally and physically disabled people, and homosexual men. 

In December, a sign displaying the words "fake news" appeared outside San Antonio's Jewish community campus and was subsequently removed.

How do we talk about hate in our communities? What can we learn from Holocaust survivors' stories?

Click here to view a list of all Learn and Remember programming for 2019 and visit 2019 for remaining events at public library locations. 


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This interview aired on Thursday, January, 17, 2019. 

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