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North Texas Family Yearns To Know What Happened To Flight 370 -- And Their Son

Ahmad Faizal Yahya
These two men were among many who wrote messages and prayers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Now that Malaysia’s prime minister announced that Flight 370 “ended in the southern Indian Ocean,” the family of Philip Wood is still trying to sort the reality from speculation.

Wood of Keller was a passenger on the flight.

Aubrey and Sandra Wood can’t help but watch television or check social media for any developments on the missing Malaysian airliner.

Recently, they watched their youngest son, James, talk on TV.

“The world’s a little less bright without him, a whole lot less bright, without Phil,” he told KTVT.

Aubrey Wood says he’s skeptical when there is no physical evidence of the Boeing 777 or his son.

He said his family wants closure.

“If they find something in that floating material, plane, then I’ll feel a lot better,” he told KERA. “But we’re still waiting. We’re still a little skeptical.”

Hopeful, even.

“Well, we are still, they have made analysis, well what does that mean, they haven’t been clear about what they’ve done.” 

Aubrey Wood receives a letter each day from Malaysia Airlines, updating on the search, and emails from his missing son’s girlfriend in Beijing.

“We’re thankful they’re putting all their efforts in trying to find the plane, and I cannot blame anybody, but at the same time, it’s still not so clear to us,” he said. “It may be and the lord will show us, but right now, we still have some hope.”

For him, physical proof that the Malaysian plane went down is the closure he needs to say goodbye to Phillip. Until then, Wood adds, the family has no plans for a memorial yet.

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Doualy Xaykaothao is a newscaster and reporter for NPR, based in Culver City. She returned to NPR for this role in 2018, and is responsible for writing, producing, and delivering national newscasts. She also reports on breaking news stories for NPR.