Top Stories: Fire Crews Still Battling 'Surprise' Wildfire in Palo Pinto County | KERA News

Top Stories: Fire Crews Still Battling 'Surprise' Wildfire in Palo Pinto County

Jul 5, 2018

The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

Fire crews in Palo Pinto County are still working on putting out a wildfire thought to have been started by lightning. So far, the blaze is about 40 percent contained and has burned more than 3,200 acres of land in rural parts of the county.

Texas A&M Forest Service spokeswoman Erin O'Connor says crews made some progress Wednesday night.

"They were able to get some good line on it, and then the weather started helping us out as the night wore on,” O’Connor said. “Our humidity rose and our temperatures, so that was really beneficial to kind of slow the spread of the fire."

The so-called "surprise fire" began Monday about 60 miles west of Fort Worth. O'Connor says the goal on Thursday is to improve the fire line put in by crews, and use aerial help to put out spots that haven’t been touched yet.  

Palo Pinto County enacted a disaster declaration, which banned the personal use of fireworks. Johnson, Hood, Parker and Erath counties also enacted similar burn bans due to the dry conditions.

Other stories this morning:

  • In North Texas, thousands watched as Denton’s Yankee Doodle parade march through the town square yesterday. Just a few days ago, hundreds appeared on the same square protesting federal policies that separated immigrant children from their parents.   
  • A new list of the greatest Texas movies of all time is out. And if you were expecting, say, “Giant” or “The Last Picture Show” at the top, you’re in for a surprise. Our Big Screen team looks at the “Houston Chronicle’s” list with one of the critics who put it together.

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