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No Charges For Students Behind Racial Slurs At Texas A&M University

Mar 2, 2016

No charges will be filed after an incident at Texas A&M University in which Dallas black high school students touring campus reported hearing racial slurs and taunts.


The university said Wednesday that police have concluded their investigation into a Feb. 9 incident.

Students from a southwest Dallas high school said a Texas A&M student approached them and asked them to look at her Confederate flag earrings. Other white students reportedly shouted "Go back where you came from" and used a slur.

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young says one student has left the university. Young declined to say whether he expelled the student or if any others face disciplinary action.

All incoming students will now attend mandatory diversity seminars, one of several changes in response to the incident.

The Texas Tribune reports:

"The law does not permit us to publicly disclose information associated with the Dean of Student Life investigation other than to say that one of the many students interviewed is no longer associated with Texas A&M University," Young said in a letter to the campus community. "The case has concluded. However, if additional information comes to our attention we will further investigate and take any appropriate action."

Sixty Uplift Hamilton Preparatory students were touring A&M when a group of white students directed racial slurs at them. Most of the students who attend the charter school are black and Latino.

In February, the president and chancellor of Texas A&M visited the school to apologize. They told students at Uplift Hampton Preparatory they were sorry about the racial taunts the Dallas kids endured. A&M’s top student leader also delivered thousands of letters of support.

The Associated Press and Texas Tribune contributed to this report.