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North Texas Hospitals To Tackle Infection Control

Dec 19, 2011

North Texas is one of two dozen U.S. locations selected for the "Partnership for Patients" initiative. It's a public-private collaboration to improve patient safety and reduce hospital acquired infections. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation is getting two million dollars to create a network of regional hospitals to tackle the problem of infection control. Foundation President Kristen Jenkins says the money comes from the Affordable Care Act and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Jenkins: The purpose of these grants is actually to find new and best methods. Now, sometimes that doesn't necessarily mean something like an invention. But it could be just a work flow process that minimizes risk or exposure to infection.

Jenkins says the two-year program will investigate and recommend best practices: including the latest technology and techniques. She says it will also reinforce the basics, like routine hand washing.

Federal officials say 1.6 million hospital patients in the U.S. get infections or other hospital acquired conditions each year. In July, federal inspectors criticized Parkland Hospital in Dallas for inadequate "infection control" practices - calling them a threat to patient safety. Parkland is making corrections.

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