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Passion For Tesla Drives Push For Law Change

Apr 12, 2013
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If your mouth waters upon seeing a $100,000 Tesla electric car in the company's Austin showroom, there's no instant gratification possible for you -- not even a test drive. Car makers can't sell new cars directly to customers in Texas. Tesla says that if that doesn't change, the company won't survive. So Tesla suits and enthusiasts are pulling for a revise. One customer, William Jones, appealed to lawmakers this week: “Please drive it. It will blow you away."

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There are lots of retail businesses that have come to Texas recently: Trader Joe's, H&M, even In-N-Out Burger, a move so bittersweet it brought one Dallasite to tears. But for one gleaming, seductive product with an almost astronomical price tag, you'll have to look elsewhere -- the Tesla electric car.

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