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Candidate Patrick Wants Government Out Of Equal Pay Issue

Apr 8, 2014
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In Fort Worth today, Sen. Dan Patrick, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, again said he supports equal pay for men and women but he doesn't think government should enforce it. Patrick and incumbent Lt. Governor Davis Dewhurst will face each other in a May 27 runoff for their party's nomination. Dewhurst, who presides over the Texas Senate, has said he would again allow an equal pay measure to be voted on if enough senators wanted that to happen. The legislature passed a bill last session allowing employees more time to file equal pay claims but Gov. Rick Perry vetoed it.

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politics On the same day President Barack Obama pushed for equal pay for women, candidate for Lt. Gov. state Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) insisted new equal pay laws are not needed. Speaking after a fundraiser luncheon in Fort Worth Tuesday, Patrick told NBC 5 he opposes any new federal or state equal pay protections.

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