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Top Stories: Texas Instruments CEO Is Out; First Days In The U.S.; Still Working At Age 77

Donna McWilliam / AP

The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

After just over six weeks in the job, the new president and chief executive officer of Texas Instruments, Brian Crutcher, is out.

The surprise announcement from the Dallas-based semi-conductor giant came Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement, Texas Instruments said that for decades its values and code of conduct have been a foundation of the company, and that Crutcher resigned as president and CEO because he violated that code.

In January, the company and board announced that after 22 years with TI, Crutcher would be the company's "next great leader." As he'd risen through the ranks, he was described as exceptional, inspirational, disciplined and focused.

In its latest statement, the company said Crutcher's violations are related to personal behavior, not company strategy, operations or financial reporting. Crutcher's replacement will be the man he replaced, Rich Templeton. Currently chairman, Templeton will once again be president and CEO on a permanent basis.

Other stories this evening:

  • Efforts to get mandatory paid sick leave for workers in Dallas hit a road block Monday, when the city told organizers they fell just short of the required nearly 54,000 signatures to get a referendum on the November ballot. Organizers are asking the city to check again.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the fastest growing segment of the workforce is people 75 and older. Shirley Martin is one of them. Five years ago she was a Walmart greeter, making slightly more than minimum wage. Today, she's 77 and managing a group home for adults with disabilities in south Dallas. And she's better off financially. To stay that way? She has to work full time, even a decade past the “retirement age.” Courtney Collins visisted her for the final chapter of KERA's series, "One Crisis Away: Still on the Edge."

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