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ICE Arrests 86, Including Dozens In North Texas, In Three-Day Immigration Operation


The U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency arrested 86 unauthorized immigrants, including dozens in North Texas, in its most recent round of immigration enforcement.

In a three-day operation that ended Thursday, ICE deportation officers made the bulk of arrests in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with additional arrests in East Texas and the Panhandle. Sixteen of the 86 arrests were made in Oklahoma, mostly in Oklahoma City. 

The agency said in a news release that the majority — 55 — of those arrested were from Mexico. Ten were from Guatemala, six from El Salvador, four from Honduras, three from Bangladesh and one person each from Cameroon, Jordan, Laos, Liberia, Nigeria, Panama, the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

They ranged in age from 19 to 61 years old. Four were women.   

Fifty-five of the unauthorized immigrants arrested had criminal convictions, the agency said. Twenty-one had re-entered the United States illegally after having been previously deported. 

ICE conducts immigration operations daily throughout the country. 

The Dallas area covered by the agency includes 128 counties in North Texas and Oklahoma.