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Top Stories: Could Mark Cuban Run For President? And A Look At Aging With HIV

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The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is thinking about running for president. The Dallas billionaire spoke about the possibility in a podcast with former South Carolina state legislator Bakari Sellers. Cuban said the key issues he sees facing the country include income inequality, health care and technological competitiveness. 

Cuban, who endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, also noted he would most likely not campaign during next year's midterm elections.  

Other stories this morning:

  • A recent TCU graduate is in critical condition after being wounded during Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Elle Gargano graduated last year with a degree in strategic communication and moved back home to California to become a marketing assistant.

  • HIV is no longer considered a death sentence in the United States -- and that’s thanks to anti-retroviral drugs, which were first introduced 30 years ago. Some of the earliest survivors are growing older, and as KERA's Stephanie Kuo reports, doctors are discovering new health challenges related to HIV and aging.

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Gus Contreras is a digital producer and reporter at KERA News. Gus produces the local All Things Considered segment and reports on a variety of topics from, sports to immigration. He was an intern and production assistant for All Things Considered in Washington D.C.