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Physicians Group Calls Out Fort Worth Hospital In Ad Campaign For Still Having McDonald’s

Ross Hailey
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has put signs in T buses in Fort Worth advocating against fast-food restaurants in local hospitals.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: John Peter Smith Hospital under fire for fast food; the Trinity Parkway is dead; Fort Worth mariachi band wins big; and more.

A national physicians group has launched an advertising campaign criticizing John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth for housing a McDonald's.

The Washington, D.C.-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has placed ads inside Fort Worth’s public buses that read, "Your heart's not lovin' those cheeseburgers."


JPS has had a McDonald’s since 1992, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. It renewed its contract with the fast-food restaurant in 2013, but made stipulations for healthier food preparation and options. The lease expires in two years, and Physicians Committee is urging the hospital not to renew it and take over the space for its own use.


The nonprofit, which has more than 100 members in Dallas-Fort Worth, says there are 12 hospitals in the country that have a McDonald's, including Houston's Ben Taub Hospital, which is owned by Harris County.


It's not clear how much JPS receives for housing the McDonald's but the hospital district that operates Ben Taub received nearly $130,000 from sales. [The Associated Press, Fort Worth Star-Telegram]


Photo credit: Ross Hailey/Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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